Lantex 100 Certification Data
Performance Requirement Test Method Requirement Result
Liquidtight Integrity
(Test One)
ASTM F1359 (Section 8.2) No liquid penetration PASS
Liquidtight Integrity
(Test One)
ASTM F1154, mod. (Section 8.40) Complete tasks in ≤ 20 min with garment closure remaining engaged
Test subject properly identifies 3 out of 4 numbers on NFPA 704 placard at each angle Visual acuity ≥ 20/35
Protective flap remains closed over closure system
No liquid penetration following exercises
Garment Material
(Test One)
ASTM F1671
(Section 8.3)
No penetration of Phi-X174 bacteriophage PASS
Burst Strength ASTM D3787
(Section 8.5)
≥ 66 N (14.9 lbf) 125 N
Puncture Propagation Tear Resistance ASTM 2582
(Section 8.6)
≥ 12 N (2.7 lbf) 30 N (MD)
68 N (CD)
Flammability ASTM D1230
(Section 8.35)
Flame spread ≥ 3.5 sec 13.3 sec (MD)
8.3 sec (CD)
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate ASTM E96, Proc. B, mod.
(Section 8.28)
≥ 650 g/m2/24 hr 4659 g/m2 / 24hrs
(Test One)
ASTM F1671
(Section 8.3)
No penetration of Phi-X174 bacteriophage PASS
Seam Breaking Strength ASTM D1683
(Section 8.8)
≥ 50 N (11.2 lbf) 217 N (body)
142 N (flap)

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