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Proven Microporous Technology For General Hazards.

ProVent offers excellent general hazard protection in a breathable, microporous fabric for enhanced comfort. Good against particle hazards and light splash situations, ProVent also passes the ASTM F1670 blood penetration test. From maintenance work to spray painting to general healthcare, ProVent offers Kappler quality you can count on.

Note: For coverall styles in the ProVent fabric family please see Provent BC.

ProVent Style Options



ProVent® Wrap-Around Gown. Hook & Loop Fastener at Neck, Tie Closure at Waist, Knit Cuffs, Non-Sterile.

Size: 2XL- 4XL
Color: White
Quantity: 30 /cs
Weight: 15 lb / 6.8 kg


ProVent® Wrap-Around Gown. Tie Closure at Neck and Waist, Elastic Wrists, Non-Sterile.

Size: 2XL- LG/XL
Color: White
Quantity: 30 /cs
Weight: 16 lb / 7.26 kg

PVS112 2H

ProVent® Wrap-Around Gown. Tie Closure at Neck and Waist, Knit Cuffs, Non-Sterile.

Size: 2XL- LG/XL
Color: White
Quantity: 30 /cs
Weight: 17 lb / 7.71 kg
Shoe/Boot Cover


ProVent® Knee-High Shoe/Boot Cover. Elastic at Top and Ankle, Gray Skid Resistant Bottom.

Color: White
Quantity: 50 pair
Weight: 5 lb / 2.27 kg

ProVent Physical Properties

Physical Property Test Method Results Imperial Results Metric
Basis Weight ASTM D751 1.78oz/yd2 60 g/m2
Grab Tensile Strength ASTM D751 MD 25 lbs CD 18 lbs MD 111 N CD 80 N
Trapezoid Tear ASTM D1117 MD 5.4 lbs CD 4.4 lbs MD 24 N CD 19.5 N
Ball Burst ASTM D751 23 lbs 103 N
Hydrostatic Resistance ASTM D751 PROCEDURE B, 1 127 cm+ 127 cm+
Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate ASTM E-96 PROCEDURE B 862 (g/m2/24hrs) 862 (g/m2/24hrs)
Surface Resistivity (ohm/cm) Anti-stat Properties ASTM D257 / NFPA 99 0.8x109 0.8x109
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Nelson Laboratories SOP / ARO / 007B >99.9% ≤ 3 microns >99.9% ≤ 3 microns
Synthetic Blood Penetration Resistance (Pass/Fail) ASTM F1670 PASS PASS

Check HazMatch® For Complete Chemical Test Results.

The details shown here represent only a fraction of the chemicals tested against Kappler fabrics – a list that’s constantly being expanded. The latest list of chemicals in the Kappler database is always available via HazMatch – get the mobile app or use the online application here. If you don’t see your specific chemical, click here for details on Kappler’s free testing program.

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