Don’t See The Style You Need?

If you need something not shown in our standard styles, ask about Kappler’s custom solutions. We offer many options to make your favorite style a perfect fit. Popular items include:

  • Glove options, a Kappler specialty, can be added to any heat sealed/taped suit style; they include the 2N1® Glove System and permanently attached gloves (shown). (A)
  • Fall protection harness pass-throughs for gas-tight suits. (B)
  • Special pass-throughs and tool/equipment loops. (C)
  • Air-fed hood. (D)
  • CP Cuff Option. (E)

Whatever your application or hazard scenario calls for, Kappler can configure the apparel to meet your needs. Just contact Customer Service at 1-800-600-4019 or email Customer Service.

Need A Specific Chemical Tested? Ask About Our Free Testing Program.

If you need to document a Kappler fabric against a specific hazard not already in our database, we make it easy. We’ll conduct third-party testing on your chemical, and if the fabric meets your requirements, you agree to purchase a standard minimum number of garments. For details email Customer Service or call at 1-800-600-4019 or.