Durachem 200: Thermal and Burn Testing
Test Method Result
Heat Transfer Performance (HTP)
ASTM F2700
Spaced: 20.2 cal/cm2
Contact: 14.3 cal/cm2
Flame Resistance
ASTM D6413
Char length: 1.06 in
Afterflame: 0.0 sec
Thermal Protective Performance (TPP)
ISO 17492
13.9 cal/cm2
Shrinkage/Heat Resistance
ASTM F2894
8.0 %, 6.0%
Manikin Body Burn (Pyroman)
ASTM F1930
Exposed Head, min - 6.56%
predicted body burn
Heat Transfer - Molten Substances
Aluminum @ 1400 F: 19.8sec to 2⁰ burn
34.6⁰C increase
Iron @ 2800 F: no burn
11.7⁰C increase
Sulfur @ 302 F: no burn
9.5⁰C increase
Electric Arc Rating
ASTM F1959
APTV = 13 cal/cm2
Steam 302˚F @ 30 psi @ 2.4”
University of Alberta (CAN/CSGB 155.20)
6.8 Seconds to 2nd Degree Burn
19.8 Seconds to 3rd Degree Burn
Hot Water (185˚F @ 6L/min) @ 2.0”
University of Alberta (CAN/CSGB 155.20)
No Burn
Durachem 200: Comfort Testing
Test Method Result
Total Heat Loss
ASTM F1868 Procedure C
492.9 W/m2
Evaporative Resistance
ISO 11092 7.4
13.955 Pa-m2/W
Cold Temperature Performance
0.001 Nm
Water Vapor Transmission
3158 g/m2-24hr
Splash Chemical Testing*
Chemical Penetration ASTM F903, Procedure C Holdout Time In Minutes
Acetone >60
Acrylonitrile >60
Butyl Acetate >60
Dimethyl Formamide >60
Formic Acid (85%) >60
Fuel H >60
Hydrochloric Acid (37%) >60
Isopropyl Alcohol >60
JP8 >60
Methanol >60
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone >60
Nitrobenzene >60
Phenol (90%) >60
Sodium Hydroxide (50%) >60
Sodium Hypochlorite (10%) >60
Sulfuric Acid (93.1%) >60
Tetrachloroethylene >60
Toluene >60

*Chemical penetration testing was conducted in accordance with ASTM F 903 Procedure C.

Note: These tests were performed in accordance with ASTM standards by independent laboratories. This data is derived from tests performed on material samples only, not finished garments.

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Durachem 500: Class 1 Chemical Test Battery*
Chemical Class 1 Minutes Class 2 Minutes Criteria
Acrolein >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Acrylonitrile >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Ammonia >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Chlorine >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Diethylamine >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Dimethyl Sulfate >60 >60 >6.0 ug/cm2
Ethyl Acetate >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Sulfuric Acid >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Tetrachloroethylene >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Toluene >60 NA >6.0 ug/cm2
Durachem 500: Chemical Warfare Agent Data*
Chemical Agent Class 1 Minutes Class 2 Minutes Criteria
Soman >60 >60 1.25 ug/cm2
Distilled Mustard >60 >60 4.0 ug/cm2
Durachem 500: Class 2 Biohazard Testing
Hazard Method Result
Blood/Viral ASTM-F1671 Pass

*Class 1 chemical challenge levels are 20 g/m2 for liquids and 10,000 ppm for gases and vapors. Class 2 chemical challenge levels are 10 g/m2 for liquids and 350 ppm for gases and vapors.

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Sources for all chemical test data are independent laboratories. All tests were performed under laboratory conditions and not under actual use conditions. Tests were performed on material samples, not actual garments. All chemicals tested at >95% concentration and 75° F, unless otherwise specified.

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