Zytron® 100XP

Zytron 100XP is a new, tougher version of Z100 — the same excellent chemical holdout with stronger physical properties.

Zytron® 200

Zytron 200 has increased resistance to a wider range of chemicals and greater physical strength for applications where rip-out is a concern.

Zytron® 300

Zytron 300 is ideal for demanding applications where there is potential for chemical splash.

Zytron® 400

Zytron 400 is one tough customer, with excellent physical properties and a broad range of chemical protection found in garments costing more.

Zytron® 500

Zytron 500 is based on patented technology that created the first material to survive eight hours against the ASTM F1001 Test Battery with no breakthrough.

ChemScan® labels – quick, accurate and only from Kappler.

Scan the label with your phone’s QR reader for a complete list of chemicals tested against your garment’s protective fabric.