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NFPA 1991 Certified Apparel For Chemical Flash-Fire Protection.

Frontline 500 vapor total encapsulating suit with expanded view antifog visor system

Certified to NFPA 1991, Frontline® 500 offers proven three-way protection – broad chemical holdout, plus flame resistance and radiant heat protection for the additional hazards encountered in a chemical flash-fire. NFPA certification includes base plus Optional Flash Fire and Liquified Gas requirements. Like many Kappler garments, this is a 'multi-use, single exposure’ suit. Frontline 500 provides excellent holdout for the ASTM F1001 battery and many additional chemicals.

To ensure optimal radiant heat protection, Kappler's focus on user survivability included Pyroman Thermal Manikin testing in addition to the NFPA 1991 Chemical Flash Fire Option. Pyroman results for Frontline 500 indicated 0% body burn – a huge confidence factor when facing a chemical flash situation.

Frontline 500 Details

  • Single suit provides proven three-way protection – chemical, flash-fire and radiant heat protection.
  • Excellent “survivability” performance – 0% body burn in Pyroman Thermal Manikin testing.
  • NFPA-certified 'multi-use, single-exposure' garment provides economical alternative to expensive FR reusables.
  • AntiFog Expanded-View Visor System enhances responder safety.
  • New patent-pending AntiFog Expanded-View Visor System.
  • Removable knitted Kevlar overglove, plus field-replaceable 2N1® Glove System which eliminates inner glove inversion.
  • Highly flexible 48” gas-tight AquaSeal® zipper facilitates easier donning and doffing.
  • Typical Applications: Hazmat response and chemical handling with potential for chemical flash-fire.

AntiFog Visor System

View a video showcasing the benefits of Kappler’s new larger AntiFog Visor System. (note: old vs. new comparison shows Frontline® garment)

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The Pyroman Thermal Manikin test dramatically illustrates how Kappler technology improves user survivability.

Because of Kappler’s commitment to user survivability, Frontline garments designed to protect against a chemical flash-fire are subjected to intense testing in order to simulate real-world exposure. Chemical flash-fires are known to generate heat up to 1900º F. The Pyroman Thermal Manikin test at North Carolina State University produces this environment for 6 seconds in order to predict a percentage of body burn a wearer might experience. Sensors on the manikin indicate not only the area of the body affected, but also predict severity of the burn. The Frontline 500 encapsulating suit performed exceptionally well in both measurements, with 0% body burn indicated. The Frontline 300 ensemble garment indicated less than 1% body burn.

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Frontline 500 Style Options

Vapor Total Encapsulating Suit


Frontline® 500 Vapor Total Encapsulating Suit - NFPA 1991 Edition. Rear Entry AquaSeal® Gas-Tight Zipper, Double Storm Flaps with FR Hook & Loop Closure, Expanded View AntiFog Visor System, Expanded Back, Field Replaceable 2N1® Glove System and Removable Knitted Kevlar Overgloves, Attached Sock Booties with Splash Guards, Knee Reinforcements, 2 Exhaust Valves.

Heat Sealed / Taped
Size: SM/MD- 4XL
Color: Silver
Quantity: 1 /cs
Weight: 12 lb / 5.44 kg
Vapor Total Encapsulating Suit


Frontline® 500 Vapor Total Encapsulating Suit - NFPA 1991 Edition., Front Entry AquaSeal® Gas-Tight Zipper, Double Storm Flaps with FR Hook & Loop Closure, Expanded View AntiFog Visor System, Expanded Back, Field Replaceable 2N1® Glove System and Removable Knitted Kevlar Overgloves, Attached Sock Booties with Splash Guards, Knee Reinforcements, 2 Exhaust Valves.

Heat Sealed / Taped
Size: SM/MD- 4XL
Color: Silver
Quantity: 1//cs
Weight: 12 lb / 5.44 kg

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Frontline 500 Chemical Test Data

ASTM F1001 Chemical Test Battery*
Chemical Minutes
Acetone >480
Acetonitrile >480
Carbon Disulfide >480
Dichloromethane 253
Diethylamine >480
Dimethylformamide >480
Ethyl Acetate >480
n - Hexane >480
Methyl Alcohol >480
Nitrobenzene >480
Sodium Hydroxide >480
Sulfuric Acid >480
Tetrachloroethylene >480
Tetrahydrofuran >480
Toluene >480
Ammonia Gas >480
1,3 Butadiene Gas >480
Chlorine Gas >480
Ethylene Oxide Gas >480
Hydrogen Chloride Gas >480
Methyl Chloride Gas >480

Frontline garments are designed for chemical flash fire protection FOR ESCAPE ONLY in the event of a chemical flash fire.

Chemical Warfare Agent Data**
Chemical Agent Minutes Criteria
Bis (2-chloroethyl) sulfide (Mustard:HD) >480 4.0 ug/cm2
Isopropyl methylfluorophosphonate (Sarin:GB) >480 1.25 ug/cm2
Chlorovinyl arsinedichloride (Lewisite:L) >240 4.0 ug/cm2
O-ethyl S-(2-diisopropylaminoethyl) methylphosphonothiolate (Nerve:VX) >480 1.25 ug/cm2
Typical Physical Properties
Test Method Result
Grab Tensile Strength MD* ASTM D751(lbs/N) 137 / 609.38
Grab Tensile Strength CD* ASTM D751(lbs/N) 166 / 738.37
Tear Resistance Trapezoid MD*(lbs/N) method details below** 13.5 / 60.05
Tear Resistance Trapezoid CD*(lbs/N) method details below** 14 / 62.27
Ball Burst ASTM D3787 (lbs/N) 134 / 596.03
Flammability Resistance ASTM F1358 PASS
*MD - Machine Direction, CD - Cross Direction
**ASTM D1117 (Zytron 100, 200) ASTM D5587 (Zytron 300, 400, 500) ASTM D571 (Frontline 300, 500)

Frontline 500 Heat, Flame and Thermal Test Data

Frontline 500 has been tested for thermal protective performance (TPP) in accordance with ISO 17492, Clothing for Protection Against Heat and Flame, and showed a TPP value of 32.

Frontline 500 meets the requirements for flame resistance in accordance with ASTM F1358.

Frontline 500 meets requirements of NFPA 1991, including base requirements plus optional Flash-Fire and Liquified Gas requirements.

Frontline 500 has been tested in accordance with ASTM F 1930-00 Standard Test Method for Evaluation of Flame Resistant Clothing for Protection Against Flash Fire Simulations Using an Instrumented Manikin. The Frontline 500 ensemble garment indicated less than 0% body burn after a six-second burn test.

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The details shown here represent only a fraction of the chemicals tested against Kappler fabrics – a list that’s constantly being expanded. The latest list of chemicals in the Kappler database is always available via HazMatch – get the mobile app or use the online application here. If you don’t see your specific chemical, click here for details on Kappler’s free testing program.

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