From our design to your door, Kappler quality comes through at every step.

From fabric development to packing the box, quality is an integral component to every Kappler garment. All of our critical protection chemical and biohazard suits are produced at our corporate headquarters in Guntersville, Alabama, providing American-made quality for added assurance. Registered to ISO 9001 since 1996, we document every detail when it comes to ensuring product quality. End-user safety is priority one, and our integrated manufacturing process is geared to making sure every garment meets demanding specifications. Whether it’s designing the most user-friendly suit possible or pressure-testing every gas-tight suit before it leaves the factory, Kappler quality comes through every time. From Berry-compliant products for DoD markets to NFPA-certified apparel for the most challenging hazmat calls, you know what you’re getting into with Kappler.

Protecting Workers, Supporting American Jobs.

We never forget that everyone who dons a Kappler suit has a family waiting at home. That’s why we ensure every stitch, seam and piece of fabric meets stringent quality standards. As you consider your options for protective apparel, we’d just like to say thanks – and remind you that a commitment to American jobs is alive and well at Kappler.

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Kappler garments are made with American pride in Alabama where the accent is always on quality.

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