Today we review again the comparison of chemical penetration testing vs. chemical permeation testing and how we apply that data properly the exposure criteria that users provide.

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This segment reviews the differences in Moisture Vapor Transmission (MVTR) Total Heat Loss (THL) and Evaporative Resistance (RET) test methods. How NFPA committees for Fire Fighter Turn Out Gear, Chemical Protective Clothing, and Emergency Medical Operations Clothing use these test methods to determine comfort levels of PPE. Are any protective properties are sacrificed in order to achieve a higher level of comfort and how do these test methods translate to the real world?

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Today’s discussion is on the difference in permeation and penetration testing for chemical protective clothing. Which NFPA standards require specified testing and why? We’ll cover how both test methods can be used to determine the chemical protective abilities of a fabric and what role does penetration or permeation data play in conducting a hazard assessment.

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