The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation is dedicated to the development and use of safe and effective health technology, and provides standards that help guide PPE manufacturers such as Kappler. This episode covers the different AAMI Levels of Protection and the corresponding testing that accompanies each level. We also discuss the Kappler garments that are appropriate for each level.

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This episode will review a frequently asked question which involves the use of a Level A garment as a respirator without a full face piece with positive pressure.

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This month’s topic discusses the process of thermal hazard assessment and how we use heat transfer performance testing to predict skin burns based on heat load and time. We highlight the performance of our Durachem® 200 and Thermal Liner.

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In this segment, we discuss our efforts to manufacture garments for use in fighting the coronavirus and the special waiver FDA has put in place to allow this without many of the requirements that would usually be specified.

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As we celebrate our 44th birthday, this issue reviews the continuing challenges we face as a company in the face of the corona virus. We salute the brave men and women of the front lines and remember those lost during these unusual times.

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