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For more than 40 years Kappler has defined the protective clothing industry with patented fabrics, innovative seaming technology and unique garment designs. The Kappler brand on your chemical suit means you always know what you’re getting into.

The Kappler brand: A Promise Of Protection.

From gas-tight biohazard coveralls to chemical suits, we’re the first to tell you:

It’s not just the suit. It’s knowing it’s the right suit, made from the right fabric, with the right seam. With test data that confirms all of the above.

For more than four decades Kappler has led the industry with patented technology and proven garment designs. And we’ve built a reputation for quality, innovation and straightforward advice on what to wear. Nomatter the hazard, Kappler on your garment means you always know what you’re getting into.

Here on our website you’ll find helpful resources from how-to videos to NFPA details. And no-nonsense Tech Support is just a call away at 1-800-600-4019.

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The Best Protective Apparel Advice Comes With A Southern Accent.

  • Have suit questions?
  • Need a chemical tested?
  • Want a sample suit to evaluate?

Kappler garments are made with American pride in Alabama where the accent is always on quality.

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Tools, Training, Testing – All Part Of The Kappler Difference.

Protective clothing is serious business. That’s why Kappler offers industry-best training, tools and programs free of charge.

The Kappler University Road Show

This program includes training tailored to the needs of each audience, for general industry, hazmat or both. In addition to hands-on suit training, we cover NFPA standards, OSHA requirements, ASTM test methods and other facets of PPE use.

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Free Chemical Testing Program

Our Free Chemical Testing Program makes it easy to document a Kappler fabric against a specific chemical. We’ll conduct third-party testing, and if the fabric meets your requirements you agree to place a standard minimum order.

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Our HazMatch® is an easy-to-use protective apparel selection tool from Kappler that allows a user to choose an appropriate safety garment based on a specific chemical hazard and the exposure scenario.

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From The Blog

September 2020

Big Bubba Technical Challenge

This episode is a little different. We are going to measure your knowledge of topics we have covered over the past few years. Depending on how this goes, we may do more of it. So get ready for the Big Bubba Hazard Technical Challenge.

August 2020

Thermal Hazard Assessment

This month’s topic discusses the process of thermal hazard assessment and how we use heat transfer performance testing to predict skin burns based on heat load and time. We highlight the performance of our Durachem® 200 and Thermal Liner.

July 2020

Decontamination vs. Cleaning

This episode of our blog reviews the definitions of decontamination vs. cleaning and how these two practices are different and how they affect the overall life of a garment.

Recent News

Kappler Breaks Ground for New Technology and Training Center.

Kappler is expanding into the technology and training arena with a major addition to its corporate campus.

Zytron 300 on the job with National Guard COVID-19 response

Kappler products protect responders during veterans home disinfection operation.

A safety reminder from Kappler — no one is immune!

As a safety products company, we’re working to protect everyone — especially employees.

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Five Families of Innovative Protection


Bio/General Protection

Proven MicroporousTechnology – From Biohazard Scenarios To General Hazards.

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Bio/Particle Protection

Economical, Breathable NFPA 1999 Protection For Fentanyl Response.

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Chemical Protection

Unsurpassed protection, an easy-to-use numbering system, and colored garments for identification.

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FR/Chemical/Arc Flash Protection

The DuraChem® family brings tough, proven protection to a wide range of hazard scenarios.

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Chemical/FR Protection

Three-way protection for chemical, flash-fire and radiant heat.

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Customer Service

Y'all Call

The best protective apparel advice comes with a southern accent.

  • Have suit questions?
  • Need a chemical tested?
  • Want a sample suit to evaluate?

Kappler garments are made with American pride in Alabama where the accent is always on quality.

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