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Multiple protection levels in single-skin apparel.

Those who work in hazmat response or petrochemical environments know that protection against chemical flash-fires is a must. That's why Kappler developed the Frontline family of fabrics, with a combination of broad chemical holdout plus flash-fire protection. Whether you need "splash and flash" protection or you're facing a full-blown Level A situation, Frontline offers a protection solution that's right for the job.

(Frontline 300 in Action)

Frontline 300

Finally, a true "Splash and Flash" solution — Frontline® 300 is ideal for petro-chemical line break situations. Developed with detailed input from petrochemical Safety Officers, this innovative protection garment offers a single-fabric solution for combined chemical-flash fire protection.

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(Frontline 500 in Action)

Frontline 500

Now get triple assurance with a single suit certified to NFPA 1991. Frontline® 500 offers three-way protection — broad chemical holdout, plus flame resistance and radiant heat protection for the additional hazards encountered in a chemical flash-fire.

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