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Accessories and specialty products round out your protection.

Details make the difference, and Kappler innovation comes through again with a wide range of accessories and specialty products. From unique garments to products that support your protective apparel, Kappler has a proven solution.

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Zytron® 300 Half C Jacket Zytron® 300 Half C Jacket Zytron® 300 Half C Jacket

Zytron® 300 Half C Jacket

Kappler’s Zytron 300 Half C Jacket is ideal for supplied-air work applications. The flat back design includes hood with PVC faceshield, double storm flap with hook and loop closure, and attached CP Cuff Option for easy glove taping. Loops for air system are attached inside the hood. Style Z3H763 (style Z3H763-30 includes tubes and Nupro valve), 6 garments per case.

CP Cuff Option For Any Suit

Taping gloves with ChemTape® has become standard procedure for good protection. Our CP Cuff Option, available on any Kappler taped seam chemical garment, makes the job faster, easier and more effective. Eliminate chemical burns on hands and wrists – ask Customer Service about adding the CP Cuff Option to your next apparel order.

ChemScan® Labels

Just scan the label with your mobile phone’s QR reader for immediate access to a complete list of chemicals tested against your garment’s protective fabric. Quick, accurate and only from Kappler.



ChemTape® is Kappler's exclusive, patented chemical-resistant tape designed specifically for protective apparel and related applications. Click here for Chemtape technical Data.

Male Glove Insert Cones

Male Gloce Insert Cones

Kappler’s insert cones interface glove to suit and provide smooth taping surface.

Kappler Speciality Products and Accessories.

ChemTape® Responder ID Kit

Responder Kit

Large, easy-to-read identification numbers enhance safety where worker identities are obscured. Self-adhesive, easy to apply, complete set includes numbers 0-9.

Pressure Test Kit

Digital Pressure Kit

Kappler’s automated Digital Pressure Test Kit improves the efficiency and accuracy of gas-tight garment tests for both ASTM and CE methods. Our unique design features a digital readout for more accurate testing, while a large LCD touchscreen allows easy test criteria selection and data input. All fittings and hoses are included – the user simply provides an air supply with a 1/4 inch MNPT fitting. Press START and the test is performed automatically, allowing the user to handle other duties while the test is in process. For easy and accurate record-keeping, test data can be copied to the provided USB stick via the built-in USB port. Complete operating instructions are included and also available at kappler.com. Style AKMOC.

2N1® Glove System

2N1® Glove System

Kappler’s 2N1® Glove System – a true innovation that eliminates the problem of inner glove inversion when the user removes a hand from the double-glove configuration common to gas-tight garments. This allows the user to easily remove or reinsert the hands into the glove without the annoying inversion. This is especially helpful when a user needs to free the hands while inside the suit to adjust the respirator face piece or other equipment and clothing. The 2N1 Glove System also provides improved comfort and manual dexterity with a unique glove configuration. Contact Customer Service for style options.

Cooling Vests

Kappler Cooling Vests

The Kappler Cooling Vest with patented Phase Change Material is far superior to traditional cooling systems. It's lightweight and can provide hours of cooling without the discomfort, vaso-constriction or moisture build-up common to other products.

Warning: This information is based on technical data that Kappler believes to be reliable. It is subject to revision as additional knowledge and experience are gained. The website will contain Kappler’s most up-to-date product information, and customers who receive pamphlets, brochures or other literature should be aware that such "hard copy" information may not be as current as the information on Kappler’s website. Customers also should recognize that there are uses, environments and chemicals for which Kappler products, garments and/or fabrics are unsuitable. It is the responsibility of the user to review available data and verify that the product, garment and/or fabric is appropriate for the intended use and meets all specified government and/or industry standards. Also, the customer should review all available information on the website to understand the uses — and limitations — on ALL products, garments and fabrics which Kappler makes available. Caution: Do not use for fire protection. Avoid open flame or intense heat.

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